• How do I install my new TERMINUS handguard on my RDB?
    • We recommend a professional gun smith undertake the installation.
    • Reference RDB hand guard guide here. https://www.maderifle.ca/pages/rdb-installation-guide
  • What parts of the TERMINUS handguard system are cross compatible with the Hunter/Survival and standard  RDB variants?
    • The only part at this time that is unique to the Hunter or standard variant is the "Gap Wedge" used to fill the space between the guard and trigger housing.
  • Do I need a Blast Liner?
    • We highly recommend the use of this product in combination with rifle configurations where the muzzle and any muzzle device is recessed inside the hand guard. The Blast Liner is not needed when a suppressor or other blast device is attached in use.
  • Where are you located?
    • Our head office is located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Where are your products made?
    • All of our products are produced and assembled right here in Canada!
  • Do you ship globally?
    • Currently sales and shipping are available in Canada and the United States of America. We are working to add more, please contact us.
  • Do you have a walk in store front?
    • At this moment in time MADEXPRO is a factory direct online store.
  • I am a retailer and would like to carry your products, how should I get in contact?
    • Please contact us at madexpro@protonmail.com
  • Do you offer any warranty on your products?
    • Absolutely! MADEXPRO™ guarantees its products against manufacturing and material defects. Products are hand assembled and inspected at multiple stages to ensure the highest level of quality. MADEXPRO™ is not responsible for any damage incurred during transit or installation.

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