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TERMINUS Handguard System

TERMINUS Handguard System

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Keltec RDB | Regain the comfort and control of a standard length handguard while keeping all of the compact benefits of the RDB. Increase your capabilities with up to 6 extra inches of grip space or accessory mounting real-estate.

Our handguard also features protection to prevent unintended adjustments to the gas system and no barrel contact over its entire length, eliminating potential burns to hands and gloves unlike all other for-ends mounted directly to the gas block.

The features don't stop here, we set out to make a product that goes the extra mile. Want to have the option of back up iron sights? The top expansion section is designed specifically to match the height of the factory optics rail in combination with Magpul picatinny rail segments. How about using a suppressor on barrels less than 20"? We thought of that too with clearance for your favorite cans up to 1.5 inch diameter.


Handguard ~ 13.6" 11.8 oz, 12" 10.4 oz, 10.5" 9 oz

Material ~ 6005A Aluminum

Finish ~ MIL-A-8625 Type III

Chassis ~ 3 oz

Material ~ 6061Aluminum

Finish ~ MIL-A-8625 Type III

Gap Wedge ~ 0.8 oz

Material ~ 6061Aluminum

Finish ~ MIL-A-8625 Type III


(Rendered image does not reflect the finish of the final product and is for reference use only)

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