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PHI | Pilot Program

PHI | Pilot Program

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Join the program and take part in the development of our precision rifle grip.
One of the major challenges in developing a product so specific to the human body is the large diversity in hand size and shape. There are many grips that "feel" comfortable but it is apparent to us that hand comfort alone is not necessarily the key marker in a well designed grip. Comfort should come as a byproduct of good design that goes beyond your palm and enhances your entire shooting position. We have addressed the fundamentals of body to rifle interface for a large variety of shooting positions and techniques with our innovation like no other.

A shape nature cant deny. Universal, yet unique.

Our theory is driven by natures mathematical design. This has given us a grip geometry that provides bone structure alignment and muscle group isolation inversely scalable to nearly anyone's hand no matter the size. The result is the most natural and neutral feeling grip yet. Compatible with both semi auto and bolt action rifles that use the AR pattern grip interface.

Lend a hand!

By participating in this program you will have the opportunity to test our design in applications specific to you and give feedback that can directly impact changes in our final design. Tell us what you like and what you hate, what you would want to see added or removed, features, textures, materials or flavors! Honey mustard grip, yum!

To show our appreciation for your participation, special pricing (to be determined) will be applied to your order of the final design. (*not including shipping) Funds collected now will be used for the development and production of the final product. Your prototype grip for testing will ship when ordered, wait times may be expected depending on demand and current production speed.

Early access to a great design at a bargain.

Are you interested in this product but not in the development process? No problem, feel free to order, the grip is fully usable in its current state, though we cannot provide a warranty on this early access prototype. *Please note that your order will not be eligible for special pricing on the final product with out active participation in the program via our email questionnaires.

Disclaimer: The shipped prototype grips are not designed to last for ever and will degrade over time. Prototypes may become brittle with exposure to extreme cold & become soft in hot climates or prolonged direct sunlight. These grips should be removed from your rifle as soon as you receive the full release product. Further use is at your own risk. If in the event there is a failure of the prototypes construction under less stressful conditions or accidental destruction, please contact us with details for a replacement. Replacements only valid for the duration of the program to those participating in active testing.

(Actual texture and color may vary from images represented)

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