The following is a installation guide for professional gunsmiths. Any personal attempt is at your own risk.

!SAFETY! Ensure the firearm is clear of attached magazines and ammunition from the chamber before proceeding further!


Disassembly (Sig-Cross)

    1. Remove primary control grip using a 4mm hex drive.
    2. Under the grip you will find a screw to remove using a (Torx) T25 drive.
    3. Remove bolt from action.
    4. With a 3/32 (2.3mm) punch, drift out the pin retaining the fire selector on the RIGHT hand side of the receiver in the same direction as you would insert a magazine .
    5. To remove selector assembly use a long narrow tool to insert through the top of the receiver just behind the sear that engages the striker on the bolt. With the selector on fire, press the tool firmly down against the spring tension you will feel and with your other hand, push the selector assembly out from the RIGHT side to the LEFT. Repeat in reverse order for reassembly.
    6. Notice the trigger assembly is captured in the receiver by a pin just behind the magazine well and under the ejection port. Press this pin out using any appropriate size tool. It is held in using a ball spring detent.
    7. With the trigger assembly now free from the receiver, place on provided bench block in preparation to remove the OEM magazine release. Orientate the RIGHT side of the trigger assembly against the bench block, it will only fit one way. Be sure to remove your new E.M.R from the bench block before attempting installation using the release tab found on the back side of the bench block.
    8. Using a 1/8 punch remove the spring pin retaining the OEM part. Note the orientation of spring during removal.
    9. Place the spring in your new E.M.R in the same way found when removed. Place trigger assembly LEFT side down on work surface. Place E.M.R in position and hold with one hand to align the pin holes as best you can. You will feel the spring compress in your grip. With your free hand, place the bench block onto the RIGHT hand face of the trigger assembly. Drop the spring pin into the guide hole, place 1/8 punch into the same hole. Gently hammer until the pin no longer moves but does not extend outside of the LEFT hand face of the assembly.
    1. Repeat steps 1 through 6 in reverse order.
    2. Notes: Torque T25 drive to no more than 35Lb/in. Re-installation of the selector assembly is best done in the fire orientation, it may also be of more ease to press the sear down from the right hand side hole while reinstalling the selector assembly.