The following is a installation guide for professional gunsmiths. Any personal attempt is at your own risk.

!SAFETY! Ensure the firearm is clear of attached magazines and ammunition from the chamber before proceeding further!


Disassembly (KEL-TEC RDB)

  1. Remove any optics from rifle to avoid damage and give access to rail hardware.
  2. Disassemble RDB rifle by way of all three action pins.
  3. Remove charging handle and bolt assembly from barrel.
  4. Remove muzzle devices if any.
  5. Remove retaining spring pins located on the 12 O'clock of the barrel in the gas block and middle barrel support. Use a 1/8th spring pin punch for the mid support and 3/16th for the gas block. (Spring pin for gas block will be reused in reassembly)
  6. On the optic rail remove the two most front screws. Note thread locker may be present, some heat may be required. (Save for reassembly)
  7. Remove the button head screw found in the recessed channel at the rear of the the optics rail. (Save for reassembly)
  8. With the barrel firmly mounted in a vice with jaws designed to hold a barrel prepare to remove the gas block and mid support.
  9. HEAT is required to expand both the gas block and mid barrel support to remove. Avoid heating the barrel.
  10. IMPORTANT! The bearing surface of the barrel on which the gas block is mounted is tapered. Remove only in the direction towards the muzzle.
  11. Use firm impacts until removed or other preferred method.
  12. Remove mid support via same method.


  1. Starting with the new chassis. Have a 1/8th punch ready to insert in the spring pin hole for use to find and align chassis to the locating groove on the barrel.
  2. HEAT the barrel band on the chassis until it can be maneuvered into position. Do not use force! Do not excessively heat the chassis!
  3. With the 1/8th punch in place through spring pin hole aligning the barrel, allow to cool completely.
  4. Install the provided spring pin.
  5. Follow steps 1 through 3 for re-installation of gas block using a 3/16th punch.
  6. reinstall optics rail. Do not over tighten rear button head screw, it is designed  by Keltec to allow the rail a small amount of linear movement for heat expansion.
  7. Reassemble rifle as normal.
  8. Attach the RAVEN handguard to chassis using the 6 supplied screws.
  9. Enjoy your new badass rifle!